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PostSubject: **RULES** READ FIRST!!!   Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:55 pm

Montage Forum Rules
Please keep in mind that this forum is for the sole purpose of posting montages of your previous games.
If you would like to promote the federation in your video's, please visit the Design Team forum to sample and download intro's that have been made to promote PGF.
You may post videos pretaining to the Call of Duty series ONLY. Any other video's will be deleted unless authorized by a moderator.

Hopefully there will be a "Trophy Room" after the new year where we can post entire matches.
That forum will only allow video's that are of Clan matches, Ladder Matches, and Tournaments.
Please Do NOT post video's of those sorts here.

Causing Drama: If you continually stir up obnoxious drama of any kind in the forum a moderator has the discretion to ban you. This is true of both public posts and harassment through private messaging. Repeat offenders will be IP banned.

NSFW: “Not Safe For Work” content includes nudity, gore, scat and pornography. Do NOT post anything pretaining to these forms of content

Hate Speech: Any hate speech is probable cause for banning. Obviously, it’s not the words that are the issue but the context in which they are used. Final judgment goes to the moderator who views the post.

Copy-Pasta: Copying and pasting articles, news, blogs or any other content for use other than reference in a discussion is not allowed.

"Hi, I am new here" Threads or Posts: With the volume of new members that we get each day we don’t need users showing up and announcing that they have arrived. Whether this is a post within an existing thread, or even worse, the creation of a new thread, we view this as a waste of time.

"1337" Speak: As obvious as this is, it’s not welcome here.

Double Posting: No double posting. If you make a post and then need to make a new post right after it in the same thread, edit your existing post rather than creating a new one.

No Illegal Content: We consider any of the following illegal. Kiddie Porn, Warez, Hacking Files, Cracks, Pirated Software, Viruses.

No Spamming: Do not link to your site and tell people to go there. Unless your link is pertinent to a discussion already in progress, any external link posted will be deleted and your account will be banned. Also, do not post thumbnails especially when they link to a site where traffic is monetized.

No Multiple Accounts: If you are banned for any reason, do not make a new name, or you will be subject to an IP banning. If you are active user who has created a second account, you'll be given the option of keeping your original or the new account and can request the accounts be merged. Repeatedly making secondary accounts will result in a ban.

The Current Events forum is held to a higher standard of posting than the other forums. Personal attacks, insults, and other nonsense that is tolerated in the other forums will not be tolerated here. Our goal is to create a place for intelligent debate.

This is not to say that everyone has to be sickeningly polite, far from it. But you do have to be civil. The use of so called "obscene" words to express yourself is perfectly acceptable. Using sarcasm or humor to expose your opponent's ignorance is fine. But calling him an "asshole" or telling him to "shut the fuck up" is not. Don't say anything here that would earn you a punch in the face if you said it to someone in real life, and you should be fine.

Personal attacks will result in a ban, ranging from one day to permanent. The length of the ban will be determined by the mods on a case by case basis.

Please also refrain from blanket partisan attacks. What I mean are posts like "Conservatives are ignorant religious nuts" or "Liberals hate this country and support terrorism." Posts like these are extremely ignorant, and worse than that, extremely boring. While you won't be banned for such posts, you will look like an idiot. If you must resort to such ad hominem attacks, it means that you have no real argument, and therefore shouldn't be posting.

To keep this forum the way we would all like it, I need your help. Please use the "report post" button to report violations of the rules.

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