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 Email Me Your Team an also 2V2 rules

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PostSubject: Email Me Your Team an also 2V2 rules   Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:18 pm

Okay so since eveyone cant make the meetings ive made a email address jus for the game so people can email me there team. Ive decided to chang it to anyone in the clan can be wit anyone on any clan inside of PGF....

The 2V2 Rules as followed
-NO AN I MEAN NO TUBES an ChinaLakes.. Will be a automatic DQ
-Private match
-15 min game match
-30 kills win match over
- It will be best out 2 games. So This means you might have to play 3 games make sure you have time if you leave in the middel of a match it will be a automatic DQ
- When you lose you out
- Report to me an only me your win or lose in either a email or through XboxLive

-Maps are as followed Firing Range, Grid,NukeTown, Summit, an Staduim
Email address is PGFSoCo@aol.com
Well se if this works better I have the teams that are posted already
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PostSubject: Re: Email Me Your Team an also 2V2 rules   Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:08 pm

if you have any openings for the coming week I am willing to play fill in or team up with someone. I will be home sunday evening.
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Email Me Your Team an also 2V2 rules
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