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 How to Post Video Montages

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PostSubject: How to Post Video Montages   How to Post Video Montages Icon_minitimeTue Dec 21, 2010 9:51 pm

For those who are confused on how to retrieve your Black Ops Clip's from your file share, here are some easy to follow steps.

First, youll want to visit the Call of Duty Black Ops Theater and make an account with them.

After that, link your xbox live account to your new Black Ops website account.
The reason behind this is for the Black Ops website to know who's clips are coming from file share in-game.

There are instructions for each theater mode on their website, but i'll post them here for ease.

Getting Started (after making and linking your account).
•In Call of Duty: Black Ops, open MULTIPLAYER > XBOX LIVE / PSN > THEATER.
•Open MY RECENT GAMES to access files of your in-game matches.
•Select the film from which you would like to record a video clip segement or capture a screenshot and choose SELECT FOR PLAYBACK

•Find a segment you would like to capture, and select the RECORD option.
•Once you have reached the end of your segment, select RECORD again to stop.

NOTE: Segments can be no longer than 30 seconds.

•Select NAME SEGMENT > UPLOAD CLIP, then create the TITLE, DESCRIPTION, and TAG for the video clip
•Select a slot in MY FILE SHARE to save the video clip.
•Go to MY FILE SHARE and select the video clip.
•Choose the SELECT FOR PLAYBACK option. That video clip will now be available to render.
•From the Call of Duty: Black Ops THEATER, select RENDER CLIP.
•After the video clip plays through, it will be uploaded to MY THEATER.
•Watch the video clip in My Theater or on YouTube.
NOTE: We recommend that you link your YouTube account. If you do not, your video will not be saved and may be deleted over time.


After that, im sure everyone knows how to use our own website tools to post that clips.
If you cant figure out how to post a picture after these steps, please visit youtube! to upload your clips to the internet and relink them here!
If that seems to difficult or you want a challenge, you could always capture your video's better using a DAZZLE!
Here is a video explaining how to use a dazzle and what it does!

How to Post Video Montages Gng-reaper-runSicksicsixxHow to Post Video Montages Gng-reaper-run
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How to Post Video Montages
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