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 Clan Meeting 2/19

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Clan Meeting 2/19 Empty
PostSubject: Clan Meeting 2/19   Clan Meeting 2/19 Icon_minitimeSun Feb 20, 2011 10:11 pm

n this meetin we had both clan combined due to lack of teamates showing up. We decide to make a forum about the meeting for those who missed. So after ever meeting if you dont make it you can come here to check out what the hell went on.

-6v6 We decide to get a littel clan competition going on within PGF. This Will Be 6 on 6 DA VS HA. Get together with your Generals to Decide Teams.

- 2v2 We also Decided to get 2v2s going. Here You have to pick some one on your clan to team up with. We will be going again the other clan. Just for some braggin rights. Let you General Know the teams so they can set it up.

-Meeting Change We took a vote in the meetin to have it change to sunday due to inactivity on saturdays. The FC, FL, an Generals decide this. The meeting will now be Sunday 8:30 est time.

We will be needing to do some team practices as well so if you guys want to get together for some 2v2 games let me know and we can do it.

I know I probly do have some promotions to sort out and get ready for the next meeting. so if you want them be on!!
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Clan Meeting 2/19
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