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 PGF Sicksicsixx - Castlevania HD Speed Run

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PostSubject: PGF Sicksicsixx - Castlevania HD Speed Run   Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:19 am

This is a speed rn that I made with Soma.
Total Time 2minutes 35seconds.

My Gear and Skills for Soma:
Weapon X : Valmanway
Weapon Y : RPG
Skill RB : Medusa Head (allows air-walking)
2nd Skill : Succubus (Heals HP with attack)

Power B : Gergoth
Power UP B : Astarte
Right B : Nova Skeleton
Down B : Fire Demon

Armor :
Head : Royal Crown
Chest : Dracula's Tunic
Leg/Feet : Winged Boots
Cape : Crimson Cloak
Ring 1 : Megingiord
Ring 2 : Megingiord
Item : Water of Life (or Truffle)

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PGF Sicksicsixx - Castlevania HD Speed Run
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