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PGF Juice FC
PGF Juice FC

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PostSubject: MY SIDE OF THE STORY   Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:45 pm

Well as you most of us came from a community called TXG. I was a community founder of that. I vowed to do what was right and do everything with the thought of the community in mind. We had a great idea set up with that community but later down the road they lost sight of that idea. They broke their own rules and tried to cover it up, i was not having no part of that. I stood up against my fellow leaders and in result i got kicked out of my community that i helped founded. The others got tired of the lies and bull crap. They was left in the dark about the decision that was being made. So we left to start this federation. So that is how Pure Gaming Federation came to be. I vowed to you all that i will not loose sight of your wants and needs. I will never turn my back on you guys. I want everyone to feel like they are wanted and appreciate in this federation. So please come talk to me about any problems or ideas that u might have. I am always here for you all.

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